Hello, I’m Luciano Gustavo Thoma Gini.

Curious and self-taught by nature, I look for the continuous improving of knowledge also I like to keep up with technologies, how they work and the changes that these entail. Respectful, responsible and organized. I always try to fulfill in time and quality the tasks assigned.

I have completed many independent courses at different institutions as COURSERA & PUNTO COM

All of them related to programming and management.

I am passionate about what I do.

My Courses

Coursera: Learn to Program: The Fundamentals (using Python)
Coursera: Successful Management for SMEs
Coursera: Project Initiation and Planning
Punto COM: Visual Basic Programming
Punto COM: Web Design
Punto COM: Graphic Design

HTML 5 & CSS 3

C/C++ & Arduino/Pinguino Board



Javascript & JQuery & JsViews & Vue 1.X & AngularJS

PostgresSQL ¦ MySQL ¦ SQLServer

VB6, VB.NET & C# (MVC)

PHP & CodeIgniter,Laravel

2012 JAN-2012 DIC


Visual Basic Programmer

Paysandú, Uruguay

I worked developing a desktop application that supports the Logistics and Resource Management for a generic transport company.

It was used as a development platform Visual Studio .NET with BASIC language, integrating it with a SVN service and SQLServer as database engine.

2013 OCT-2017 APR


Web Backend-Frontend

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

I develop a web chat that allows users login with Facebook account, also sync up the official university news channel in the radio page.

Besides providing a user-friendly way to manage program schedules and other internal functionalities.

All made using technologies as PHP, Javascript with JQuery and MySQL database engine.

2016 APR-2018 APR

UTN FRCU - Databases Research Group

Research Student Scholarship

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

I am assigned to the "Project: Similarity and Spatial Queries using Databases with Unstructured Objects", in which one needs knowledge of programming languages such as Python and Smalltalk.

In addition, English language is utilized for reading scientific articles.

2016 OCT-2016 DIC

Rio Uruguay Seguros SA - Marketing Department

Freelance Web Developer

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

I am responsible for the development of a way for the acquisition of data from RUS clients and an internal system that allows to query data in a meaningful way, to improve the services offered.

The selected development stack was affected by the implementation requirements, choosing PHP and MySQL.
I use SalemPHP (framework of my own) and CodeIgniter to satisfy requirements.

2017 JUN-2018 MAY

Tinka Lawinka - Software Factory

Fullstack Web Developer

CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Responsable of implementing History Backlogs in a complete way, business logic and persistence in the Backend (PHP, CodeIgniter, creation frameworks in the organization, MySQL, sending of email) and user interaction/interfaces (Bootstrap, CSS3, Datatables, JS, JQuery, Modals, Calendars)

2018 MAY-Present

KINEXO - Systems Consulting and Software Development

Fullstack Web Developer

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

Starting projects with Natal Framework (based on Knockout.js, Bootstrap and JQuery) for design/interaction tasks between user and serverside.

For the backend, it is used C# MVC for the bussines logic and different external services to obtaine and manipulate data.


Instituto Tecnológico Superior Paysandú

High school Diploma at Computer Science

Paysandú, Uruguay

Provided knowledge in general subjects (maths, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) and made a strong technical/practical approach in the areas of programming, databases, networks and operating systems.

2012 DIC

University of Cambridge

Preliminary English Test (PET)

Paysandú, Uruguay

Mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use.

2013-2018 MAY

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Concepción del Uruguay

Associate Degree in Systems Analysis

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

Professional capable of diagnosing the information needs, new configurations and / or modifying existing systems, based on the survey, analysis, design, implementation and testing thereof for public or private organizations.

Evaluate and select from a systematic approach processing equipment, communication and base systems, as well as define the profile of the auxiliary human resources necessary for the development of systems, contribute to the selection and training of them.

Program and codify the routines of computer programs included in an integrated system, adapted to the evolution of new technologies, to address problems and ensure the quality of the solution. Work integrally in teams made up of actors from different levels of organization.


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Concepción del Uruguay

Bachelor Degree of Information Systems Engineering

Concepción del Uruguay, ER, Argentina

It involves the design (creative development of an idea), implementation (materialization of idea), organization and control of the information required by public and private agencies.

Additionally, converge various fields of knowledge: mathematics, programming, data management, software, hardware and networks.

It also handles feasibility and financial studies, management and projects related to information systems in an organization.


Interpreter Glove for Deaf People


Paysandú, Uruguay

Take sign language into speech and vice versa too, making life easier and better !

The project received TWO Intel ISEF Special Awards, in May of 2013 from Sheikh Zayed Institute at Childrens National Medical Center and West Virginia University. See it


SalemPHP (a PHP framework)


SalemPHP a PHP framework easy, simple and fast to learn.

Based at DingoFramework(extinct) cause It wants to keep the KISS ideology and create a good tool easy to setup, maintaining flexibility as a main feature.

It is also posibble to use MVC, routing, etc.

2016 OCT

Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas - ECI


Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Held annually since 1987 in the Department of Computing, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.

The ECI aims to offer undergraduates, graduates and professionals of the medium, intensive courses of upgrade and high level of specialization.

The courses are dictated by prestigious professors from various institutions, both foreign and national, which allows participants to saw differents point of view about the topics covered and the opportunity to establish cooperative links in research and / or development.

2016 Edition: I attended the courses "Modern Data Structures for Storage" and "Introduction to Application Security"